Some of the birds on the Loch 2022

The resident Mute Swans – the adults have been on the Loch for at least ten years and their broods have varied from completely barren years to eight cygnets this year. The adults defend their thirty two acre territory against allcomers and are the only resident pair on the Loch.
The Mallard Duck – there are several pairs of Mallard on the Loch, they have varying sizes of broods each year.
The Coot – there are numerous pairs on the Loch. They mainly occupy the far rush and are often involved in …..
….. territorial disputes!
The Moorhen – there are a few pairs of resident Moorhens on the Loch.
Little Grebe – the smallest of the European Grebes, known also as a Dabchick. There are several pairs on the Loch each producing one or two chicks each year.
The Grey Herons – frequent the Loch and local ponds and will feed on fish, frogs, small birds, including young Cygnets, and even small rabbits!
A Slavonian Grebe – an occasional visitor. (Not the best quality photo but a long way off and heavy rain!.)

The Osprey – paid only a few visits this year but with little success!
A Great White Egret – made several visits during the year but only stayed for a few days on each occasion.
Canada Geese – a small flock of Canada Geese visited the Loch towards the end of the year and …..
….. Whooper Swans – the usual flocks of Whoopers visited the Loch in the Spring on their way north for the summer and in the Autumn on their way south for the winter.

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